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The 'I' page

I am a French citizen, born in Finland and living in the Netherlands (olafz@chello.nl).

I agree that 'everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature' (R. W. Emerson), provided that Nature is viewed as the world in its totality, in other words 'reality', 'life', 'the material world', 'the visible', etc..

I believe that nothing exists by itself; interactions rule the world. Pure abstraction is a temporary need; so is photorealism: the works that looked so realistic 30 years ago are now again marked by their time. Therefore art cannot be only abstract or only figurative, but each of these to a certain extent. Exploring the frontier between representation and suggestion is for me at the essence of painting. 

I like artists with an 'object oriented' approach in their search to common sensitivity, whether they do it with food (Nanda Palmieri), elements (Clifford Smith), or patterns and light effects (Carol O'Malia). These works have in common the removal of any context or hint prevent the viewer from rebuilding any parallel representation. There is no specificity or story to guide our imagination in any predetermined direction. There is here no other way out than abstraction; this is the core difference between a classic still life and the 'Campbel Soup'. Let me also mention a great artist that I had the chance to meet, April Gornik, who paints half-imaginary landscapes that never represent humans nor human traces: no house in the wood, no road between the hills, no boat on the sea, and therefore allows viewers to make the space fully their own.

I would like to remove from my work any peculiarity and distracting exoticism. I want the focus to be on the basic pattern, the purified shape and light effect that by themselves and only themselves will climb up through the levels of our minds, and reach that tiny piece of nerve from where all our feelings, all our emotions are triggered.


Nanda Palmieri, Green Tower

Carol O'Malia, Convergence

 Fouace, Still Life with Tureen - Warhol, Campbell Soup


April Gornik, Dune, sky

Clifford Smith, Green/blue sea